Welcome to the Nosana Network

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In this dashboard you can see the pipelines that are running on the Nosana Network. You can also create and run your own CI/CD pipelines for your open-source project in the pipelines.

You can also earn $NOS by becoming a node to use your spare CPU power to run pipelines. Head over to the staking section to start earning and for a chance to receive a Burner Phone NFT.

Account Completion

Make sure to boost your account to 100%. This means you’ll be among the first to hear about network updates, node support, NFT drops, reward drops & more.


CI/CD Pipelines

Our decentralized crowd-hosted platform has computing options for every development need. Whether you’re building mobile apps or the next DEX. If it works in a container, it works on the Nosana Network. We can run any container command, letting you ship faster than ever before.


Staking contract is audited!

The $NOS staking contract has been audited by our partners at OPCODES. We are confident that the contract is safe to use. Read it at the link below.

Audit Report

Staking rewards are Live!

Receiving token rewards is one of the major benefits of staking. The reward pool comes from future usage of the network in the form of network fees. As the network is still very much in development, the current rewards pool will come from the mining pool. The Nosana Network has 20 million tokens reserved for network participants. In the first year, a portion of these will be released daily into the reward pool.


The Burner Phone countdown starts soon!

We don’t do minting fees – a Burner Phone costs exactly 0 SOL. Are you a Nosana Network user? Stake $NOS for a chance to mint your very own and have exclusive rights to earn $NOS with our network.

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Network Statistics

Want to learn more about how the network is doing? Check it out here!